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Hi, I'm Kelli MacKenzie


Owner of KMacK Media and Strategic Digital Media Specialist


I am a videographer, editor, and product photographer with expertise in educational videos, corporate videos, product photography, graphic design, social media content, and media strategy.


Welcome to my site!

November 2021  - January 2024

Digital Media Specialist

Schacht Spindle Company
Boulder, CO

As a digital media specialist, I specialize in producing high-quality educational and promotional video content, product and lifestyle photography, strategic media planning, social media execution, and digital advertising. 

Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies
University of Colorado at Boulder


Master of Arts in Cinema Studies
University of Toronto



Digital Media Strategy

Product Photography

Graphic Design

Thank you for visiting my digital media portfolio! I would love to connect with you to discuss potential projects or employment opportunities.

Kelli MacKenzie

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